Inheritance issues frequently involve both tax and legal considerations, such as wills and estate division issues. Those faced with such issues are often uncertain about,
“Who should I consult, a tax accountant or a lawyer?”
Regarding this point, we provide a wide range of services, from taxation to legal aspects, for our clients’ “inheritance” issues.
Accordingly, there is no need for clients of our firm to wonder,
“Which one should I consult?”
We also aim to provide a more speedier service compared to the case where you have to consult with several specialists.

  • Persons who are considering future inheritance strategies
  • Persons who need to file inheritance tax returns
  • Persons who are involved in inheritance disputes
  • Persons who face any other inheritance issues

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Inheritance Procedures

When an inheritance process begins, the following procedures are to be followed.
For those who want to minimize inheritance tax burden or avoid conflicts between parents and siblings, it is necessary to consult with experts and take measures and procedures for inheritance before death.

Within 7 days of death・ Notification of a death
・ Submit application form for cremation permit
Within 3 months of death・ Verification of the existence of a will
・ Determination of heirs
・ Investigation of inheritance assets and debts
・ Disinheritance / limited approval
Within 4 months of death・ Quasi-final return
Within 10 months of death・ Agreement on Division of Inheritance
・ Preparation of Agreement on Division of Inheritance
・ Inheritance tax return
Within 1 year of death・ Distributive share reducing request
Within 5 years of death・ Right to Claim for Recovery of Inheritance
  • Disqualification from inheritance (disqualification and abolition of inheritance)
  • Payment of property