Thai Market Entry

Thai Market Entry

Services we can provide for your business expansion into Thailand

Those who have already established business in Thailand

(1) Consultation on international taxation between Japan and Thailand

  • Handling of salaries and allowances for Japanese expatriates both in Japan and Thailand
  • Validity of contracts between Japanese and Thai companies
  • Risks of taxation of donations by the Japanese head office, etc.

Our certified tax accountants have served a large number of foreign clients and have extensive experience in complex accounting and taxation work, especially in international taxation, and can provide comprehensive support for international taxation related to both the head office in Japan and companies operating in Thailand.

(2) Consultation on other matters such as business transactions with Thailand

  • Persons who are concerned about communication with local Thai staff
  • Persons who would like to translate Thai language documents related to taxation
  • Persons who are interested in the latest information on Thai taxation (including BOI benefits, etc.)

Our tax accountants, who are qualified as National Government Licensed Thai Language Guide Interpreter, can translate tax documents in Thai and attend meetings with local Thai staff to provide interpretation in Thai by leveraging their knowledge of Thai language and taxation.
We provide support to businesses that have problems communicating with local staff not only in terms of taxation but also in terms of language.

Those who are wishing to expand their business from now on

  • Will Thai general consumers be interested in my company’s products?
  • I want to participate in exhibitions held in Thailand

We will introduce you to events such as the “Nippon Haku,” one of the largest comprehensive exhibitions on Japan in Thailand.
The exhibition attracts about 100,000 Thai visitors over three days, and about 250 organizations from various fields of Japan participate in the exhibition.

  • We will introduce you to an accounting firm* in Thailand that can support you with company establishment registration, BOI approval application, visa and work permit application, and tax and payroll agency services.

They are an accounting firm with a proven track record and a wealth of experience, established in July 1997 to support small and medium-sized enterprises entering the Thai market and their businesses.
Since they have Japanese nationals on staff, they are able to provide consultation in Japanese on everything from company establishment to day-to-day business operations.
In cooperation with our office, we provide comprehensive tax and accounting support for both Japanese headquarters and Thai subsidiaries.

Our tax accountant in charge of Thailand support

Eriko Hasegawa

Dear business owners,

There are many issues that await you when you expand your business overseas. Among such issues, please consult with our office regarding any issue related to “taxation / accounting” and “language.” Our highly experienced partner attorneys, accountants, and tax accountants, who are knowledgeable in international taxation, and our tax accountants who have experience and contacts in Thailand, will be there for you and support you in resolving any issues.

Career highlights

In 2005, she was posted to Thailand, where she worked for Japanese government-related organizations and Japanese companies in Bangkok, Thailand. In 2011, she obtained the National Government Licensed Guide Interpreter (Thai) certification, a national qualification. She returned to Japan in 2014 and began her studies for the certified tax accountant exam in order to support small and medium-sized enterprises operating in Thailand. She became a registered tax accountant in 2021 and launched a Thailand expansion business.