Settlement / Tax Returns

Settlement / Tax Returns

We support the following services that are essential to the day-to-day operations and continued growth of a company.

Bookkeeping services

Proper double-entry bookkeeping is one requirement for filing a blue tax return in order to receive tax benefits and is also important for smooth tax audits.
Our firm provides bookkeeping services for companies that do not have the time to keep books due to their business activities or for those that have just been established and cannot afford to hire an experienced accountant.
In addition, according to the type and size of the business, we can propose accounting software.
For example, for individual operators and small business clients, we recommend a relatively affordable accounting software, while for medium and large scale clients, we recommend an accounting software that also has functions that help with business management.
Our firm also leverages data import technology and other means to constantly link accounting software with each other, enabling our clients to access the software they want to use.

Preparation of tax returns (corporate tax, consumption tax, and other tax matters)

Tax return preparation requires sophisticated knowledge and also needs to take into account annual tax system changes.
Unless you have an experienced person in your company, it is more efficient to hire an accounting firm to prepare your tax return.
For those companies that do not want to spend time and effort preparing their tax returns, we offer various tax return preparation services.
Because our tax return preparation system supports electronic filing, it allows for a speedy process from the preparation of tax returns to submission to tax offices.

Consultation on tax affairs (corporate tax, consumption tax, and other tax matters)

Please feel free to consult with us regarding corporate tax, consumption tax, withholding tax, and any other taxes related to your business.